What’ your wedding superstitions? A tour to the worldwide wedding traditions!

Couples across the globe are following their unique superstitions to celebrate the big day! It may sound crazy, but these traditions are symbolized as a path toward a happy, loving and long-lasting marriage.
Most American brides are sure to have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue on hand when they tie the knot.
Finnish brides don’t leave a passionate marriage to chance. To make sure their love keeps burning throughout their union, they’ve been known head to the altar carrying an appropriate symbol: A match.
When it comes to Chinese wedding traditions, timing is everything. In order to ensure they start their marriage off with good fortune, couples consult with a monk, fortune teller, calendar or almanac (and these days, the Internet) to find the luckiest wedding day. The selection has to do with a variety of factors, including the bride’s and groom’s birthdates. And instead of saying their vows at the top of the hour, many Chinese couples start the ceremony at half past the hour, so as to begin their lives together when the clock is on an upswing.
Though they may wear a white gown, many Mexican brides are sure to include some bold color in their wedding attire. By sewing three ribbons to their undergarments—yellow to symbolize the blessing of food, blue to bring good financial luck and red to summon a passionate union —they can ensure a happy marriage.
One to three days before the wedding, Indian women have henna—a natural and temporary dye—tattoos applied to their hands and feet in elaborate patterns. The ceremonious application can take hours and, oftentimes, the groom’s initials are hidden in the detailing for him to find on their wedding night. If he finds them, the couple will have good luck, and if he can’t he must give his bride a gift.
Traditionally, bells are chimed at Irish weddings to keep evil spirits away and ensure a harmonious family life. Nowadays, Irish brides often carry small bells in their bouquets as a reminder of their sacred wedding vows—bells are also found on tables at the reception and are common gifts to give newlyweds.
Italian couples have been known to smash a vase or glass at their wedding. And they put a lot of muscle into it, too — the tradition says that however many pieces the glassware breaks into will symbolize how many years they’ll be happily married.
In addition to friends and family, many Brits are sure to invite another type of guest to their nuptials: A chimney sweep. When a London chimney sweep saved King George II’s life 200 years ago, the King declared that all chimney sweeps bring good fortune and should be treated with respect. It’s now considered good luck to see a chimney sweep on your wedding day, and many hire out their services to come to the ceremony and kiss the bride.
To ensure that their daughter will always be provided for, the parents of Swedish brides give her a special gift before the ceremony. Traditionally, her mother places a gold coin in her right shoe and her father places a silver coin in her left shoe before she weds so she’ll never go without.
Czech Republic
On the day before their weddings, many Czech brides will find a newly planted tree in their yards, festooned with colorful ribbons and painted eggshells. The tradition says that the bride will live as long as the tree.
To ensure that a newly betrothed couple grows old and prospers together, Bermudian couples top the bride’s wedding cake (they often have his-and-hers desserts) with a tiny cedar sapling. They then plant the sapling at their home so it can grow and mature—much like their relationship.
What’s your wedding superstitions? Please share your unique ways of celebration and experience with us! Help us throw you a stunning wedding you can ever imagine and expect! Click here for the full article.
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Avenue D weddings by Hasel B Designs

To all Newly engaged couples:

Congratulations on your engagement!! We understand how overwhelming this process can be and how difficult it is to find the perfect wedding venue. Indeed, there is much to consider when planning for a wedding.  Food & beverage, decor, photography, hair, makeup, The dress, rentals, logistics, etc. Make no mistake, the venue you choose will be the driving force behind all the decisions you will make for your Big Day.

Avenue D bridal

If you are looking for a Venue that offers flexibility, amazing decor, vintage glamour and an overall truly unique experience, you have arrived at the right place. Avenue D is the coolest, grooviest spot in Miami. Located in the heart of downtown, this historic building seats on South Miami Avenue, known in it’s inception as “Avenue D.”  This venue will captivate you from the moment you walk in the door.

The possibilities for customization are endless, making this little gem a dream come true for wedding planners and couples alike.

Hope to see you here soon!


Hasel B.

Nightmare on the Beach 2013 dared you to enjoy the wildest Halloween party ever!

Possibly the only nightmare you’ll ever enjoy::: “Nightmare On The Beach” one of the biggest, wildest fundraising events in South Beach, benefiting the Little Lighthouse Foundation. This year, the event took place at Villa Vecchia, located on Pine Tree Dr in Miami Beach.  Hundreds of guests dressed up in creepy, sexy and very creative costumes to attend this fabulous annual Halloween bash.



Guests travelled into Fantasmi Della Villa Vecchia through a haunted mansion where zombies danced the night away on  tunes by Lee Kalt. Performances from Cirque de Mansion kept everyone at the edge of their seats! Guests sipped on fine drinks from Dos Equis, Patron, Coconut Cartel; noshed on bites from Miami’s top caterers & restaurants (such as: Catering Concepts, Brother Jimmy’s, Ola, Villa Azur, MPP, Imperial Beer Garden, Pizza DudeKafé Panou, Coolhauls, Todo Dulces.)

Live It Productions put on the magnificent soireé and our team was glad to help The Little Lighthouse Foundation in their efforts to support children and their families.

We are grateful to have worked with such a stellar array of vendors & friends. A Big thanks to our wonderful sponsors, supporters and guests. Stay tuned for Hearts and Stars Gala 2014 and enjoy the holidays!!


Hasel B Designs

Wedding MBA– So much you don’t know!

Las Vegas, here we are!

We are grateful to have attended Wedding MBA’s 10th Annual conference at Las Vegas Convention Center. For those of you who are not familiar with this conference “MBA” stands for Merchant Business Academy.


We gathered here, as we do every year,  to exchange thoughts & ideas,  stimulate our creativity and draft smart business strategies to reach new heights in terms of products and services. It’s definitely one of the best conferences of the year because it convenes some of the most savvy wedding professionals around the nation and worldwide! Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with the very best customer service experience and value for their special wedding or event!

We are some lucky gals for the opportunity  to enjoy the finest accommodations that Wynn & Encore can provide as these properties are quite simply the best ones in town! A big “thank you” to our lovely friend Carmen from Pretty Chic Findings  for getting us such an amazing deal!


These are some of our friends from the Mexico Tourism Board. We have them to thank for their unwavering support in making our client’s destination weddings a HUGE success!


There were moments throughout the conference where we felt like back at school. Taking notes, learning and seeing other professionals engage in each critical discussion was a true testament to their dedication. We realize that success comes at a price and we are glad to see how every wedding pro committed themselves to making their business better.  Very inspiring.



It’s Las Vegas!  and in true Vegas’ fashion Wedding Wire hosted their annual party at Ghost Bar of Palm Casino & Resort, with a breath-taking view of Vegas from 55 stories up!  This was the moment to connect with the most energetic group of pros! Never mind having to wake-up bright and early the next morning for another conference day! … It’s Vegas right??!! 😉


Lastly, a BIG shout out to these fabulous companies: The Knot, Wedding Wire, Martha Stewart Weddings, Perfect Wedding Guide, Wedding Vibe, TLC, Wedding Planner Magazine, MyWedding, Kathy Ireland Weddings, Wedding Channel, Wedding Industry, Book More Brides, GodFather Films, Great Bridal Expo, Bridal Marketing Group, Brides of Beverly Hills, ADJA, Bridal Association of America, Association for Wedding Professionals International, The Wedding Planner Institute of Canada, Wedding University, Bridal Training & Marketing System, Mattson Communication Training. It was great seeing you and sharing with you this fabulous experience…. Hope to see you again in 2014!

This is who we are: work hard, learn hard, and play hard!


Hasel B Designs

Hasel Bustamante

Yingjie Cao

Sara Gawish

First time ever… Pick your own wedding song!

A perfect wedding will never miss a great song!

Don’t you want to play the song which has never been played at any other weddings? Don’t you want to have a wedding song which is just for you? At Hasel B Designs, we’ve selected some songs we believe are worth considering as your first dance song. Come to check these out!

“Meant To Be” by Iowa based band, The Nadas. It’s just the right tune for the wedding and not overplayed!

“Forever Tonight” from Cetera, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIs4ns-jeRQ.

“I wanna take forever tonight

Wanna stay in this moment forever

I’m gonna give you all the love that I’ve got”

Or Diana Ross’s “When You Tell Me That You Love Me”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwSL-57pNqM. Have them as your very first dance song!

Another great dance song will be “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJOzdLwvTHA. You chose me  because the way I am.

A fan of Blues? Then you will love “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtFBRJFN3p8 Romantic & Classic.

“When God Made You” by Newsong and Natalie Grant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIdnp0z0OCA. The lyrics are very touching!

“God Gave Me You” by Blake Shelton http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCf2PoTuh4Q. What I appreciate the most is that God gave me you when I was down. You are the highlight of my life.

“Turn My World Around” by Gloriana. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9NYd0-V5WY. Have a country style romance at your wedding!

“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtOvBOTyX00. The song has beautiful rhythm and melody which is just perfect for a wedding dance.

If you want to have a funny theme at your wedding, “Stuck on You” by Meiko shared by The Knot can be one of your options. http://wedding.theknot.com/wedding-planning/wedding-music-ideas/articles/20-first-dance-songs.aspx?cm_mmc=facebook-_-june2013-_-evergreen-_-lastminutesummerideas

There is never a perfect song for every wedding, What connects you and your fiancé and express the most love and appreciation of you two is always the best choice! We are hoping you will find the one which matches your wedding and be inspired by our selection.


Hasel B Designs

Adventurous Couple Rappels down the JW Marquis!

A recently married Miami couple, Carlos Gato and Rebecca Shackelford rappelled down the side of JW Marriott Downtown Miami on Sept. 6, 2013 right after they exchanged vows on the pool deck.

This is the second year the rappelling fundraiser has been held for the Miami Children’s Initiative, a nonprofit group that works to improve Liberty City and break the cycle of poverty “by investing in the potential of every child.”


As a member of the Executive Committee and sponsor for “Over the Edge 2013”, Hasel B Designs was proud to work alongside Lu Cavallo (from Miami Children’s Initiative) throughout the different events leading up to the Big day!  From the VIP reception, to Get Wed Over the Edge wedding and the general public rappelling experience. It was a week full of thrills, laughs and a wonderful time!

The Story:

Carlos Gato (the husband) believed they would be able to get through all the difficulties when Rebecca Shackelford (the bride) agreed to join him in rappelling down a 19-story building.  It’s really not the first time for this adventurous couple to make headlines! A video of Gato’s IKEA flash mob proposal started circulating around the web and their daring love story has even featured on HuffPost Weddings.

We are not just inspired by what they did but also infected with why they did it. It’s all about love and we enjoy celebrating love!

Best wishes to this young courageous couple! Special thanks to Miami Children’s Initiative.


Hasel B. Designs

Can’t wait to present our Sunrise & Sunset Calendar!

Are you dreaming about having the perfect wedding at sunrise or sunset?…

Are you seeking for capturing the best sunrise and or sunset wedding photo?…

Are you struggling with arranging the ceremony & reception to have the best view of sunrise and or sunset? …


Well…. at Hasel B. Designs, we are more than happy to present our Sunrise & Sunset Calendar for year 2013 & 2014. We’ve sensed the needs of brides, and understood the stress of planners, venues and photographers. Especially if you are planning a Jewish wedding, beach wedding,or the like you will be quite happy to receive this thoughtful guide.

A little extra tip on your upcoming jewish wedding: The five day work week has made Sundays the most popular day for a Jewish wedding. Saturday night weddings may be held an hour and a half after sunset.

Please share your thoughts and spread the world! Every detail can make a huge difference!


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